OKC Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Part of an effort to revitalize Oklahoma City, Bicentennial Park received a $3.5-million renovation resulting in an area that celebrates the city’s history, while creating a modern space for future generations by updating amenities and enhancing pedestrian circulation. Spanning from the Civic Center Music Hall to City Hall, the park covers roughly two city blocks and features a grand lawn, colorful fountain, two pavilions, and performance stage perfect for concerts, festivals, and other events.


  • In an area that functions as everything from a marketplace to a concert venue, the needs of Bicentennial Park are constantly changing. IP Design Group provided the expertise necessary to provide the adaptability required for the best possible acoustical environment no matter what type of event is being hosted.
  • Performed sound model analysis of the space to provide recommendations for creating an appropriate sound environment.
  • Computer modeling was used to determine optimal loudspeaker selection and placement to create even sound distribution.
  • Provided design and consultation for an appropriate system to be integrated into the surrounding structure for the best acoustical solution.
  • Reviewed the placement of controls for the amplifier component and other source equipment located in the existing vault.

Photography credit: Joseph Mills

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