Wired Certified Platinum

IP Design Group’s corporate headquarters (1201 Cass Street) was the first property in Nebraska to achieve Wired Certification and had remained Certified Platinum since 2019.


WiredScore is a global organization that owns and operates the Wired Certification program, a digital connectivity certification that rates the quality and resilience of digital infrastructure in buildings.

Internet connectivity is among the top three things tenants consider when looking for viable office space. Wired Certification is an easy way for potential tenants to see exactly what technology integration and features they can expect from a potential office space. Providing convenient and transparent information encourages communication between owners and tenants, which can attract tenants that want to lease for longer terms. As an added benefit, the Wired Certified seal is distinct and easy to spot, so it can help a building stand out from the competition.

Audiovisual and lighting control panel in 1201 Cass conference room
IP Design Group Interactive Planning


1201 Cass Street achieved Wired Certified Platinum by meeting qualifications in – Connectivity, Infrastructure, and Readiness.

Connectivity: A secure, reliable, and fast internet connection is one of the top factors sought after by tenants. 1201 Cass Street’s key connectivity features include:

  • Telecom equipment is kept in a protected space, separate from other utilities, reducing the potential for service disruption.
  • A backup generator is present to provide tenants with reliable backup power.

Infrastructure: The layout and design of 1201 Cass Street’s infrastructure was prioritized early on in design. This allowed the team to focus on ways to optimize the design and helped avoid retrofit costs post building occupancy.

  • The building has two physically diverse points of entry where telecommunications services are entering from the street. This allows 1201 Cass Street to set up redundant connections over physically diverse entry pathways, mitigating the risk of an outage in the event that cabling is damaged to a single point of entry due to construction or utility work in the street.

Readiness: Technology is constantly evolving and one of the easiest ways to future-proof commercial buildings is to ensure that you have the digital infrastructure and flexibility to adapt to new technology at a moment’s notice.

  • The building has ample spare conduit capacity entering from the street to support new cabling, spare wall and floor space to support new equipment installations, and spare core sleeve capacity in the primary telecommunications riser to support the vertical distribution of new services. This allows the building to easily support the introduction of new services should a tenant request them.


Today, technology seems to become obsolete almost the day it is created, which can make keeping up with it both difficult and expensive. This is especially true for buildings that often have to undergo costly renovations in order to accommodate future technology. Wired Certification addresses future-proofing throughout its process to aid in providing top-of-the-line connectivity today and tomorrow.

Once tenants and office leaders experience the increased efficiency of integrated technology systems, it tends to become their new standard, and they will not settle for anything less. WiredScore provides the guidance for both owners and clients to stay connected in today’s fast-paced environment, and in the years to come.



You can learn more about this innovative program by reading other IP Design Group articles such as, What is WiredScore and 1201 Cass: 5 Ways to Achieve WiredScore Platinum. Working with a technology design professional such as IP Design Group is a great way to help your space reach its full potential, contact us today to get the conversation started!