1201 Cass: 5 Ways to Achieve WiredScore Platinum

1201 Cass was recertified WiredScore Platinum! Here are five ways 1201 Cass earned points to score the top certification level. For more key takeaways, view the 1201 Cass WiredScore Platinum fact sheet.

WiredScore Platinum Badge


Multiple High Speed Services

People love options. By comparing services and prices, they can weigh the pros and cons to feel confident that they are making the best decision possible. At 1201 Cass, the office tenant has options from two different providers (Cox Communications and Century Link.) Both options feature gigabit fiber service with fixed wireless service backup for the best possible results. Currently, both providers are used for extra redundancy in case one provider experiences interruptions.


Diverse Points of Entry

1201 Cass has internet coming into the building from two different outside locations. Communities are constantly improving, but local construction and utility work can cause disruptions to the internet in surrounding businesses. At 1201 Cass, business inside can continue even if one point of entry is cut off due to outside work.


Available Wi-Fi

In today’s world internet = knowledge. To make knowledge more available, many businesses are providing free community Wi-Fi. The internet is also how we connect with one another both socially and professionally. 1201 Cass provides free Wi-Fi for visitors in all common areas of the building.


Secure Space for Equipment

Telecommunications equipment is sensitive and can be easily damaged by the environment or people. Keeping it secure and accessible only to designated staff members can prevent equipment damage and internet interruptions. The telecommunications equipment at 1201 Cass is secured in the telecommunications room, which is kept locked at all times and is only accessible by a few essential building personnel.


Backup Power

We never know exactly what the future will hold, but we can try to be as prepared as possible. Nebraska’s weather is notorious for being unpredictable. From snow and ice storms to thunderstorms, businesses must always be prepared for a loss of power. The services provider equipment for 1201 Cass is backed up by generator power in case of utility power failure. This way information and communication systems will continue to be available when they are needed most.

IP Design Group Structured Cabling
Exterior view of 1201 and 1207 Cass Street
Audiovisual and lighting control panel in 1201 Cass conference room

Want to learn more? Read “What is WiredScore?” for more information about WiredScore certification and how your building could benefit. Still have questions? Contact IP Design Group today to speak with a technology design professional.

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