IPDG Adds Certifications to Portfolio

OMAHA, NE — IP Design Group is pleased to announce a group of our staff has bolstered our certification portfolio in digital connectivity and smart technology through the WiredScore Accredited Professional program.

Design team members that have received certification are:

Jacob Butler
Jacob Butler, Project Manager
Headshot of Cameron Gilinsky
Cameron Gilinsky, Telecommunications Designer
Dalton Rabe headshot at IP Design Group
Dalton Rabe, Telecommunications Designer
WiredScore offers four certification disciplines: WiredScore AP: Office (Occupied), WiredScore AP: Office (Development), WiredScore AP: Home, and SmartScore AP: Home. The designers listed above have certifications in all four disciplines. WiredScore AP: Office (Occupied) bolsters digital resilience and connectivity in existing buildings. In contrast, WiredScore AP: Office (Development) focuses on keeping digital resiliency at the heart of technology design throughout the planning phases of construction. WiredScore AP: Home emphasizes creating excellent digital infrastructure for tenants in residential buildings. A SmartScore certification focuses on in-building smart technology integration to bring office tenants outstanding user experience.
Why WiredScore?
WiredScore rates and certifies buildings across the globe based on excellence in digital connectivity and resilient infrastructure. In addition to assessing telecommunication systems, internet connection quality, and digital security, WiredScore also evaluates a structure’s ability to intake future technological integrations.
Sturdy, dependable telecommunication systems and smart technology are becoming invaluable for modern built environments as we head into the future. Digital connectivity remains the lifeblood of commerce for any business regardless of market sector and size. WiredScore certification allows the facilities under our portfolio to be backed with proper design and implementation while also having the flexibility to integrate future technologies, thanks to forward-thinking engineering principles, easily.
“Reliable digital connectivity is a vital need for businesses today, and downtime can cost owners thousands or even millions per hour,” IP Design Group Project Manager, Jacob Butler, stated, “WiredScore certifications look at a building’s systems and infrastructure to ensure they support digital resiliency and redundancy for the tenants. Having WiredScore and SmartScore Accredited Professionals positions IP Design Group as knowledgeable and capable designers that can assist owners or tenants in delivering best-in-class connectivity for their buildings now and in the future.”
IP Design Group’s corporate headquarters has maintained a Platinum WiredScore certification since 2019 and was recently re-certified for 2023 and 2024. It remains the only building in the Omaha metro and the state of Nebraska to achieve Platinum status. The structure is outfitted with diverse internet connectivity options, including copper coaxial and direct fiber connections from multiple internet providers and easy-access WiFi in common areas bolstered with top-of-the-line data protection security. The overall technological schema and design are a testament to the quality and thoughtfulness behind the joint efforts of Alvine Engineering and IP Design Group.
IP Design Group provides innovative technology design for the built environment. We work collaboratively with architects, engineers, and owners to provide technology systems design that focuses on the unique needs and the architectural intent of each facility while ensuring the operational flexibility to adapt to future technology evolutions. Our process integrates comprehensive technology consulting, planning, and design services with an emphasis on creating options and long-term value.
WiredScore sets the global standard for technology in the built world through certification and education. A champion of cutting-edge technology in real estate, WiredScore defines and certifies digital connectivity and smart technology in homes and offices on a global scale, ensuring that buildings provide a best-in-class infrastructure that businesses and individuals require to thrive.
Using the building access control systemSherwin Williams Global Headquarters Campus in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio.