Corporate Office Security

Access Control

Physical security is becoming more and more of a concern for business owners and employees. Electronic access control systems are often one of the first lines of defense for today’s offices.

  1. Choose strategic doors to electronically lock. You can decide how restricted to make an area based on which credentials are authorized to access the door.
  2. Monitor keyed doors and entry points. Access control systems provide a log of every time a door was opened and who gained access to your spaces.


Knowing your system works as designed provides peace of mind. IP Design Group tests equipment and trains staff, ensuring you are confident in your security system.

Using the building access control system

Know Who’s In and Who’s Out

Intrusion detection technology helps your security personnel become aware of a potential intruder as soon as possible.

  1. Alarm your building after hours with a variety of sensors to give you peace of mind and provide security during off hours.
  2. Intrusion detection can be integrated into your building in a variety of ways. A corporate office client used the occupancy sensors to trigger both office lighting and intrusion detection.

Monitoring Spaces

With the right electronic video surveillance system, you can always have eyes on strategic locations throughout your office and grounds.

  1. CCTV equipment and systems should take into account the goals of each individual space and balance those needs with the budget.
  2. Security control centers with features such as physical hardening, modern and flexible control consoles, and large video displays help security personnel monitor camera feeds.
  3. Integrate your CCTV system with other security systems to trigger recordings at key areas when an alarm is triggered.


Upgrading outdated telecommunications infrastructure can make way for improved video surveillance capabilities.

View of the security system at Eppley Airfield's parking garage
Photography courtesy of Hausman Construction

Evaluate Your Space

  1. What are the security goals for your office?
  2. What are your employees and guests’ expectations for a safe working environment?
  3. Does your current security system adequately address these goals and expectations?

If the answer to the last question is “no,” contact IP Design Group today for a thorough secure environment evaluation. We can help you and your employees feel reassured everyone is working in a secure space.

Jacob Butler, RCDD is a project manager at IP Design Group. He designs telecommunications and electronic security systems for many types of facilities all across the country. He recognizes that as more systems are connected to the network and buildings become smarter, technology designers must be more heavily involved in the design process. He believes good technology designers are the ones that take the initiative to coordinate with all project consultants in order to achieve an integrated, cohesive design.

Read more about Jacob’s experience.

Jacob Butler in the IP Design Group office.
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