Dalton Rabe RCDD, WiredScore AP, SmartScore AP

Dalton first became interested in technology systems after learning the foundations of technology design in a building communications class during his master’s program in college. Later, he worked on security design for a local community college campus, adding to his interests. The more he explored the industry, the more Dalton realized this is a growing field with a bright future and he wanted to be part of it.

Through his experience working under different leaders, Dalton has come to understand how important it is to have a great leader for your team. This is why he continues growing as a designer and as a person, so that he can become a leader who inspires other team members as previous leaders have inspired him.

Circle South Office Tower is one project that has helped Dalton grow the most because he began actively coordinating with other disciplines, such as interior designers and MEP engineers, on a daily basis. For him, the experience highlighted the need for designers to not only have the ability to design an effective system, but the skill to coordinate with professionals with different specialties. This interdisciplinary collaboration paves the way for innovation like technology that allows mobile phones to be the credential for access control systems.


  • Member of the 2020 Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) International Student Design Competition Winning Team
  • Toastmasters International – Club KARtalk, Vice President Education

“I believe that great leaders make great teams, and those great teams make great designs.”

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