Johnston High School


Johnston, Iowa


Johnston High School was necessitated by a growth of 2,431 students in its district since 2000. With a budget of over $72 million, it is currently the largest high school in Iowa serving up to 1,800 students in grades 10-12. This breathtaking facility is well equipped with cutting-edge classrooms with retractable walls to combine two classrooms, promoting cross-discipline learning and productive collaboration, while a 1,200-seat auditorium supports the performing arts.


  • The facility was provided with a complete voice/data communications structured wiring system, including telecommunications spaces and pathways, equipment racks and cabinets, telecommunications cables, termination hardware, cable management hardware, and telecommunications jacks.
  • Electronic security system provisions for this project include access control and video surveillance at selected areas, head-end equipment upgrades and/or consolidation, and integration with existing district-wide access control and video management system.
  • Each classroom and conference room was provided with an Extron Digital PlenumVault system with four inputs. In addition to the PlenumVault system, each room was provided with an HD projector.
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