Omaha Public Schools Gateway Elementary
Omaha Public Schools Gateway Elementary
Omaha Public Schools Gateway Elementary
Omaha Public Schools Gateway Elementary

Gateway Elementary

Omaha, Nebraska

104,000 GSF

The school is situated on the northern portion of a 32-acre site and was designed to take advantage of views to the south. Primary program components consist of academic, activity, library and community, administrative, and support spaces.


  • All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and ultra-short throw wall-mount projectors.
  • Music classroom has an audio system that supports the recording and playback of the students in the space. Ceiling microphones and digital audio mixing equipment is used to provide a simple and reliable usage.
  • Full wireless data coverage was coordinated for all classrooms and support spaces.
  • Dedicated telecommunication spaces were built out to support the horizontal and backbone cabling.
  • Electronic security systems consisted of an intrusion detection system (IDS), an electronic access control (EAC) system, and rough-ins for an owner-provided electronic video surveillance (EVS) system.
  • The IDS consists of a control panel, door position monitoring, volumetric motion detection, and keypads for arming/disarming the system.
  • The EAC system allows only authorized individuals to open exterior doors into the building. Magnetic door locks and door monitoring were provided at all exterior doors and proximity type card readers were provided at exterior perimeter and interior doors as designated by the school district.
  • A school “lock down” button station was provided in the main office. When activated, it will override all exterior doors to a locked state and release interior magnetic hold opens to close any interior doors held open by the fire alarm system.
  • A remote annunciator was provided in the main office. The annunciator graphically indicates “Propped Door Alarms and Forced Door Alarms” for each door. An audible alarm will be activated when any door is in a propped or forced door alarm state.

Photography credit: Kessler Photography

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