Omaha Early Learning Center at Gateway Elementary

Omaha, Nebraska

The Early Learning Center at Gateway Elementary adds to the Omaha Early Learning Centers network, which, in partnership with Omaha Public Schools, helps children develop foundational skills that lead to successful students. Many of the design features at the Gateway Center, such as every classroom having direct access to an outdoor learning environment, encourage children to learn through exploration and discovery.


  • Facility was provided with a complete data and voice communications structured cabling system, including raceways, cable trays, cable, patch panels, cable management hardware, and universal jacks.
  • Security system consists of door position switches and motion detectors to provide intrusion detection within the building while a card or key fob reader, located at the main vestibule into the building and at each exterior classroom door, provides access control of staff and public personnel.
  • Audiovisual systems were designed for video presentation and content collaboration.

Photography credit: Kessler Photography

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