Bondurant-Farrar High Performing Arts Addition
Bondurant-Farrar High Performing Arts Addition
Bondurant-Farrar High Performing Arts Addition

Bondurant-Farrar High Performing Arts Addition

Bondurant, Iowa

24,000 GSF

This fine arts addition to Bondurant-Farrar High school includes a 710-seat auditorium, backstage area with dressing rooms, wardrobe and makeup area, scene shop, lobby area with large restrooms, and a 4,560 square foot instrumental music room.


  • Provided computer modeling of the auditorium to perform analysis and determine acoustical parameters.
  • Provided recommendations for the auditorium ceiling cloud layout, including angles for providing optimal sound coverage throughout the audience area.
  • Provided recommendations for the overall auditorium shape and optimal wall angles for providing an acceptable acoustical environment.
  • Reviewed mechanical equipment and air distribution within the auditorium to ensure that the recommended noise criteria levels are met within the space. Provided recommendations, as required, for minimizing mechanical noise.
  • Provided recommendations for wall and ceiling assemblies to properly isolate sound at the auditorium.
  • Audiovisual system designs for the auditorium include:
    • Sound amplification and reinforcement to support all intended uses and function of the spaces, including band, choir, and speech applications. This included loudspeakers, microphones, hearing assist, playback, etc.
    • Party-line intercom system for communication between sound booth, stage managers position, and other areas such as catwalk, follow spot booth, etc.
    • Video presentation system, including motorized projection screen and projector and inputs for connecting source devices.
    • Video capture system, including Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras and recording hardware.
    • Control system with functionality to control the complete audiovisual system, including system on/off, screen up/down, source selection, device control for cameras and playback, and audio control.
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