Young Professional Spotlight: Dalton Rabe

From Barns to Skyscrapers

Dalton Rabe grew up an hour outside the Omaha metro, where he currently resides and works. Dalton’s life consisted of barns, farms, and all things you’d find along the Eastern Nebraska countryside. His early life was spent in fascination with the machines and structures that made agrarian life possible.

When it was time to start thinking about higher education, Dalton was initially interested in agricultural engineering. It made sense; it fits well with his lifestyle and would allow him to further explore the systems and structures that made farming work. Upon further exploration, he realized that the day-to-day work of the agricultural engineer wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. He was seeking new options and came across the Architectural Engineering Program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and discovered their Acoustics Department.

Ultimately, he ended up obtaining his master’s in Architectural Engineering with a specialization in Electrical/Lighting systems, not in acoustics. Now, he collaborates with acoustical designers, rather than working as one, at IP Design Group’s Omaha office.

Union Bank and Trust Office Complex - Omaha, Nebraska
Union Bank and Trust Office Complex - Omaha, Nebraska

Keeping Clients Connected

Dalton is currently a WiredScore Accredited Professional and a SmartScore Accredited Professional. An increasingly popular certification for tech industry professionals, a WiredScore certification endows designers with educational courses that teach best practices regarding performance, security, and ease of access for network-connected technology devices.

WiredScore buildings grant tenants strong internet and data connection availability and provide bolstered security for devices and networks. The ability to score and analyze a structure’s design in accordance with WiredScore’s standards is a unique asset that Dalton adds to IP Design Group’s ever-growing service portfolio.

“These programs are becoming increasingly popular in our industry,” Dalton stated, “We’ve done a fantastic job at being on top of getting these certifications.”

Check out our latest WiredScore and SmartScore certifications here.



Fresh off of earning his master’s and winning a student design competition (the 2020 Architectural Engineering Institute’s International Student Design Competition, to be exact), Dalton interned with IP Design Group from January to May of 2020 and has worked full-time as a technology systems designer ever since. Despite having only joined the firm three years ago, Dalton’s made a considerable impact on a number of marquee projects.

His repertoire of projects includes technology design for the 8111 Douglas mixed-use development in Dallas, Circle South Corporate Office Tower in Nashville, and Union Bank & Trust Office Complex in Omaha. Dalton has thoroughly enjoyed these projects due to their show-stopping design and how they have allowed him to grow in his role and understanding of design. The amount of integration and collaboration needed with MEP engineers, interior designers, and other parties have taught him something new every day he’s worked here.

“The amount of integration and coordination with nearly every single discipline is a huge learning experience and is very rare to find,” Dalton explained, “Not a day goes by where I don’t learn something new or get to implement information and techniques that I’ve learned from that week.”

Dalton has also enjoyed working on local projects such as the Bellevue University Field House and Arena. It’s given him a rare chance to experience the challenge of designing for the University’s current needs and implementing a design that can continue to perform in the future.



What does the future of design hold in store? Dalton Rabe thinks it could be anything.

“The field of technology systems for buildings is evolving every single day,” Dalton explained, “There isn’t a month that goes by where I don’t learn about a new product or tool that I can use on a project.”

However, despite the realm of possibilities being virtually endless, Dalton noted a trend. The integration and coordination required for today’s technology systems will grow alongside the new services and devices being created for structures. Being able to design for the unknown sounds like a daunting task. According to Dalton, keeping an open mind is key.

Dalton sees himself growing in his career by assuming a more active role on the client-facing side of the business: presenting designs, solving problems, and explaining certain design decisions in detail that work best for the client’s objectives. Dalton also plans on building his knowledge even further through certifications. Currently, he’s eyeing the Registered Communications Distribution Designer license, the Physical Security Professional license, and, eventually, the Professional Engineering license.

When Dalton isn’t livening up the office with a barrage of factoids, he’s cheering on the local pro soccer club, Union Omaha. He could also be taking some time to read a new book, try a new recipe, or head to the gym.

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