National Intern Day: Nicholas Witukski

What or who inspired you to pursue a career in technology engineering?

“I have always been fascinated with computers and electronics since I was young, which led me to decide to pursue a career in engineering. Specifically, I chose electrical and computer engineering as my major to focus on the aspects of engineering that I enjoy the most. Also, my dad, a land surveyor in Beatrice, NE, sparked my interest in drafting work. I found it intriguing, especially the ability to accurately render the land my dad surveys onto the computer. So, opting for a career in technology engineering was an easy choice as it allowed me to combine my passion for electronics while having the opportunity to learn drafting tools.”

“I love being able to see my work come to life.” – Nicholas Witulski, Engineering Intern

Nick Witulski

About Nicholas Witulski

  • Junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Double majoring in computer engineering and electrical engineering
  • Member of the Aerospace Club and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

What do you like most about working in this industry?

“I love being able to see my work come to life. So, my favorite part of working in this field so far has been the site visits. While I haven’t had the chance to see a project from start to finish, I would love to have the chance to see my work get constructed. Additionally, I enjoy the variety; a wide range of projects can come through the door, each presenting unique challenges.”

What has been your favorite part of your internship at IP Design Group?

“IP Design Group has done a fantastic job of getting me directly involved with projects by including me in meetings with the architects, having me place objects onto official project models, and giving me challenging problems to see how I might overcome the issues. This hands-on experience has been invaluable, and I appreciate that they haven’t simply left me to figure things out on my own. I’ve received training sessions on all the software and have had access to resources whenever I need help. Getting responsibility with the safety net of guidance from my mentor and coworkers has been my favorite part of the internship so far.”

What skill sets have you obtained during your internship?

“Coming into this internship, I had only a small experience using drafting software apart from the small portion my dad showed me growing up. So, I have greatly developed my drafting and telecommunication design skills.”

What advice do you have for other students looking for an internship in the engineering field?

“Though few places hire freshmen or sophomore interns, I’d advise students to start applying early. Researching companies, networking, and learning how to communicate professionally through emails and interviews are all skills that are important to have in order to get an internship. Even if you don’t get accepted early on, you’ll have your name in the door with an idea of where you might what to work, and you’ll have gained experience with professional communication.”

“Getting responsibility with the safety net of guidance from my mentor and coworkers has been my favorite part of the internship so far.” – Nicholas Witulski, Engineering Intern

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