Personnel Spotlight: Joseph Graves

The Wonder Years

From an early age, Joseph Graves, CTS-D, has had an intense fascination and passion for audiovisual technology and its profound impact on the built environment. During his teen years, he spent his free time as a musician in a band and would assist his local church by running the soundboard during Sunday service. Throughout his education, he was able to transform his passion for audiovisual technology into an impressive design career that has allowed him to work on highly technical projects that have significant influences on the clients and tenants that utilize them.

“I was a singer, and I really enjoyed learning more about the technology that helped make what I love to do a reality,” Joseph explained, “It has been exceptionally rewarding to help bring these spaces to life. These are spaces that I have used to pursue my passions.”

Joseph Graves is an audiovisual designer with IP Design Group who has over 16 years of industry experience designing a wide variety of systems for different markets. Joseph graduated with an Associate of Science in Computer and Information Sciences from Tulsa Community College before completing a four-year degree in electrical engineering technology from Oklahoma State University in 2006.

“I remember researching exactly what I needed to do to get a job in this field in high school,” Joseph explained, “I always knew I wanted to work in this field.”

A Fine-Tuned Career

Joseph spent the majority of his early career working on design implementation for corporate office spaces, including conference rooms, corporate event centers, and other ancillary gathering areas designed for group collaboration. As he grew in his career and attained more supervisory roles on project teams, Joseph branched out into a wide variety of different structures with unique functionality needs. Joseph would expand his talents to design audiovisual and broadcasting solutions for large houses of worship. Joseph enjoyed the challenge of creating a focused design meant to create an exceptional in-person experience as well as a valuable recorded and broadcast experience.

“What sticks out the most with my corporate and large church projects is that they incorporate a lot of different technology. We’re integrating large, live sound audio systems, video systems, and also broadcasting and streaming equipment together in one space,” Joseph explained, “Maximizing the amount of value an area can bring both to in-person attendants and through broadcast is what makes my job special.”

Joseph has provided his expertise on some iconic projects within IP Design Group’s diverse portfolio. He has worked on notable college campuses, such as the University of California Irvine’s Falling Leaves Medical Innovation Building, enriched community camaraderie on the new KickingBird Golf Course Clubhouse in Edmond, Oklahoma, and is involved in changing the cityscape of Cleveland with his work on the Sherwin-Williams Corporate Headquarters.

Fulfilling his childhood dream, Joseph has also had the opportunity to design recording studios.

Industry Outlook

As an audiovisual expert who has kept his finger on the pulse of the industry and stays up-to-date on the latest trends, Joseph has noticed the vast and rapid shift in the evolution of technology and its impact on design. The integration of modern audiovisual technology has enhanced the need to be cognizant of data and telecommunications and how they interact with audiovisual devices.

“Every room we work with now has to be connected to the outside world,” Joseph explained, “Ten years ago, the majority of spaces that were designed were either on a localized network or standalone rooms.”

The need for advanced teleconferencing to be integrated into modern projects, in addition to providing clients with proper data infrastructure, requires unique solutions on every job site. Providing solutions with the right technology, while keeping cost and maintenance a priority, requires specialized hands-on experience in equipment installation.

“I work closely with manufacturers to determine what the best solutions are for a space and to ensure the products that are installed are the right fit for the project,” Joseph explained, “The design can become complex, which requires a highly customized approach.”

Joseph Graves’ extensive in-the-field experience provides him with a unique perspective and approach to design. With so many new and exciting facets of technology incorporated within a space, Joseph feels that having installation experience helps designers create schematics that deliver high returns on investment.

“Clients and architects want to work with designers who have installation experience,” Joseph explained, “They want someone who knows what potential hurdles may be present during the construction process.”

A Team Player

Joseph reflected on his current tenure with the firm and expressed that working at IP Design Group has been a rewarding experience. He has thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with our firm’s cohesive group of professionals.

“We have a great team, we get along well, and the people I work with are experienced,” Joseph finished, “Most importantly, they want to do the right thing for one another and for the clients we work with. When you have a group where everyone wants to do right by the owner, it creates a synergy and unity with one another. It’s been a great environment to work in.”

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