Personnel Spotlight: Noah Schaefer

Meet Noah Schaefer! 

Noah Schaefer is a security designer with the IP Design Group team who brings a unique background and diverse perspective to our security systems team. Noah has been with our firm since 2022 and assists with electronic security design on some of our firm’s most complex projects. Noah has been working in the electronic security design field for the past 9 years. He graduated from Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado, with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering technology and a minor in power and control systems. While initially pursuing a degree to be an electrical engineer, the technology portion of his electrical engineering studies fascinated him.

“I joined the engineering workforce a bit later in life,” Noah explained, “I was a truck driver in my twenties, but then I decided to go back to school and pursue an engineering degree.”

Noah utilized his degree to land an internship with a company that designed programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other electronic equipment in building management control systems (BMCS) for correctional institutions, which sparked his fascination with security.

“That internship is how I got my foot in the door in the security industry,” Noah explained, “What I loved about that experience is that I got to work up close with the access control systems as an installer and learn more about their point-of-view which has shaped how I approach security design.”

Noah reminisced on his times in the field and the struggles installers encountered due to designs that were not considerate of installation feasibility. Seeing the installers’ first-hand experience has motivated Noah to craft innovative designs. While equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide exemplary assistance in all project phases, Noah believes it is essential to look past the final installation/implementation unto how the client will maintain finished systems in the future.

Noah’s Role with IP Design Group

After gaining experience in access control and other electronic security device design, Noah decided to take his talents to IP Design Group as a security designer. Noah designs the electronic security scope for our low-voltage technology projects. He handles everything from drafting, meeting with clients to find solutions within budget, and then applying those solutions to design. Noah specializes in CCTV and access control design and is also familiarized with specialty systems such as license plate recognition technology and intrusion detection.

Noah loves the drawing aspect of design work. As a visual learner, Noah finds a lot of satisfaction in completing the Revit and AutoCAD modeling. He also finds it especially rewarding when he has the opportunity to converse with clients and walk through the design, allowing them to make changes, updates, and addendums in real-time.

“It’s an incredibly efficient way to handle the process,” Noah explained, “it’s also a great way to make sure that the client is satisfied with the design and we don’t miss out on any opportunities to improve the amount of satisfaction they get from the space.”

Noah’s work on large projects in the commercial office sector has helped expand his knowledge on access control systems, video surveillance, and technology integration with other building systems. Working on high-profile projects with expansive budgets has allowed him to provide a wide array of different approaches that span from cost-effective to highly customized. The Mutual of Omaha headquarters, a 677-foot highrise being constructed in Omaha, NE, is one example of a project that allows Noah to provide a comprehensive, tailored approach.

“I love working on projects that allow you to have that freedom to go above and beyond,” Noah explained, “Being able to craft a design that’s just right and go the extra mile to deliver a precise design that delivers on the client’s goals is a special feeling.”

IP Design Group provides low-voltage technology solutions for innovative projects, which have prompted Noah to find creative solutions for would-be routine solutions. For example, working on eco-conscious, specialty wooden frame buildings has caused Noah to rethink field device routing solutions.

“We have to get more creative with where our conduit goes,” Noah explains, “These buildings, architecturally, are going to be very beautiful. Our job is to ensure that we provide everything the project needs from a security standpoint without taking away from the structure’s beauty. The extra effort is going to result in an outstanding space.”

Future and Fun! 

Noah believes that the future of electronic security is going to change in a dynamic, rapid fashion. Due to the quickly evolving nature of the technological devices involved in security, Noah feels that infrastructure solutions will have to keep pace with the rate at which technology is adapting.

“As of today, camera systems are all IP-based,” Noah stated, “But it wasn’t too long ago that the standard solution for CCTV cameras was providing coaxial cable plugins. That one change has shifted how we approach low-voltage infrastructure for security systems drastically.”

The adoption of Bluetooth technology has also changed the landscape of access control devices. Noah described the change and adaptation to allowing interconnectivity between access control points and cellphones, which creates a consumer-friendly solution for building owners who are eager to integrate Bluetooth-capable devices into their buildings.

“It keeps it interesting,” Noah stated with a smile, “The tools we use in the field are ever-changing and improving, and it’s fun to keep up with it and utilize it to the client’s advantage.”

On a more personal level, Noah takes great joy in getting to know his clients and understanding their needs more clearly. Whenever he has encountered a design challenge or needs a fresh set of eyes to review a project, the IP Design Group team is always available to lend a helping hand.

“There’s a lot of knowledge around me…and that is awesome,” Noah stated, “I can almost always get an answer to a question no matter how obscure it is, and if someone doesn’t have an answer, we seek one out together. Being able to tap into the team’s knowledge has been a great experience.”

When Noah isn’t on the clock, he spends his personal time with his family: A pair of four-year-old identical twin daughters and his seven-year-old son keep him plenty busy outside of business hours. Noah and his family love taking trips to the mountains, hiking, and Noah also loves piloting drones in his spare time.

“I can’t wait to get on a project where they have drones available to do aerial surveillance,” he stated excitedly, “I thought that was a pipe dream for the longest time, and now there are building owners who are actually doing it!”

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