IP Design Group Selected For Carthage Technical Center Studio Addition


IP Design Group is teaming up with the architecture firm, Hight Jackson Associates, to provide an acoustical analysis and audiovisual/intercom systems design for the studio addition of the existing Carthage Technical Center in Carthage, Missouri.

The IPDG acoustical team will be providing acoustical design criteria for the required spaces based on the use and function, including but not limited to, reverberation time, speech intelligibility, background noise, and sound transmission class. They will also develop an acoustical model of the required spaces to perform analysis, determine acoustical parameters, and evaluate the proposed building materials.

The design team will design equipment and supporting infrastructure to integrate with the existing intercom system for the classrooms and corridors.

To learn more about our acoustical consultants, check out our article, “What is an Acoustical Consultant.”

Eppley Airfield Parking Garage. Photo credit: Hausmann