Acoustical Consulting

IP Design Group works collaboratively with architects, engineers and Owners to provide acoustical consulting that transforms the built environment to exceed the unique needs of each facility, while maintaining architectural integrity. Seeking to understand all aspects Of the project including use, size, and shape as well as construction materials, IP Design Group uses this information to partner with the Owner and design team to develop common goals for the space and validate the desired acoustical environment and overall aesthetic and functional desires for the space can be achieved. Our acousticians have enhanced several venues with in-depth knowledge of balancing human perception with the scientific methodology of calculating and measuring sound. IP Design Group has gained the reputation of diligently combining the most innovative acoustical practices into new and renovated spaces by implementing appropriate acoustical design and consulting.

IP Design Group provides our clients with the expertise and guidance to make informed decisions about acoustical issues impacting their projects. Acoustics are essential to the functionality of almost any building or space. A key role of the acoustical consultant is determining which factors are critical in the acoustical performance of each space and how to alter them to produce the desired results.

Services include:

  • Architectural and Room Acoustics
  • Mechanical Noise Control and Vibration Isolation
  • Industrial Noise Control
  • Environmental Noise Control

Technical services include:

  • Acoustical scope of work development
  • Odeon and EASE Acoustics computer modeling
  • Room Acoustic Analysis
  • Material Selection
  • Auralization
  • Room Acoustic Measurements (RTA, RT60, STI)
  • Sound Transmission Measurements (NIC/STC)
  • Noise Measurements