Think Whole Person Healthcare
Think Whole Person Healthcare
Think Whole Person Healthcare

Think Whole Person Healthcare

Omaha, Nebraska

IP Design Group worked diligently and collaboratively with Think Primary Care visionaries to analyze and provide design for technology systems to support a very unique and specialized health care delivery model. Systems such as a wireless scribe system enables doctors to stay more focused on patient care through real time transcription to a remote transcriptionist known as an “angel scribe.” A patient tracking system enables Think Whole Person Healthcare staff to monitor real-time location information for staff and patients such as wait-times and visit duration. This allows the executive management to continually evaluate and improve the processes used to provide exceptional healthcare. These systems, as well as those listed below, all complement a modern and unique building design and enhance the overall patient experience.


  • Provided design for telecommunications rooms that included layout and termination of horizontal station cabling, fiber optic cabling, voice and data riser cabling, voice and data patch panel and equipment rack layout, and telecommunications cabling and equipment grounding.
  • Verified technology systems-specific environmental needs for power, grounding, HVAC, and space requirements to support the telephone and data equipment infrastructures.
  • Incorporated wireless access points, wired outlets, and IP-based CCTV camera data outlets.
  • Provided audiovisual system coordination and supporting infrastructure design for the following spaces and systems:
    • Digital signage and content delivery system
    • Angelscribe dictation
    • Room scheduling
    • Live music performance and presentation area in the atrium
  • Provided electronic video surveillance and access control systems design.
  • Provided acoustical analysis and sound isolation recommendations to improve intelligibility and sound quality.
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