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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma chose to consolidate six disparate data center operations into a new state-of-the-art Tier II/III data center. IP Design Group was retained to perform the planning and design for the new data center. The team engaged the top University leadership and data center stakeholders in an Interactive Planning process that identified the current needs for the University as well as through a 10- to 20-year window. The University was concerned about “right-sizing” the data center as well as investing in the appropriate levels of redundancies for the operations.

Through the process, IP Design Group assisted the University in identifying the computing functions that were adequately served by a Tier II infrastructure system, as well as those critical functions that required a Tier III level of backup. The University invested in the systems appropriate to the application.


  • Multipurpose 6-MW-capacity data center accommodating several specific client requirements:
    • High-density cooling with up to 15 kW of cooling per server enclosure
    • F4-rated disaster recovery site for health center servers maintaining PCI compliance requirements
    • Dedicated rows for single-corded and dual-corded equipment with precise electrical monitoring to understand equipment loading on the UPS Coordinator
  • Server enclosure powered at 240-volt single phase via a 415/240-volt power system to increase overall efficiency and reduce construction costs.
  • Data center structure has been designed to FEMA 361 standards to provide asset protection in the event of a tornado.
  • Designed to Uptime Institute’s Tier III Standards and Tier II Standards
  • LEED Certified.
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