Mission Critical

Data Center Design

Data centers and other mission critical areas require special attention to keep your operations functioning efficiently and securely. IP Design Group has experience designing computer rooms and data centers for facilities of all sizes all across the country.


Through our interactive planning process, we can help you identify key needs and goals for your technology systems. From there, we can come up with strategies and designs to give you the best solutions for your individual space. When designing technology systems and spaces, we take a variety of factors into account:

  • HVAC Requirements
  • Security
  • Life Safety
  • Fire suppression
  • Power Protection and Distribution
  • Cable Management
  • Flooring and Structural Issues


From software to processes, IP Design Group has the tools needed to make your mission critical spaces efficient, effective, and secure.

The high density of equipment in modern data halls produces a lot of heat, meaning cooling air is essential. Designers use thermal imaging to be sure cooling air is getting where it is needed, even when parts of the cooling system are down. Using tools like this, IP Design Group can design effective ventilation systems and optimize the systems implemented.

One of the first levels of security when it comes to protecting your data is discretion. The details of where your data center is and what it contains is your business, not for the general public. At IP Design Group, we remain confidential about our clients’ mission critical projects.

To learn more, read “7 Trends in Data Center Engineering.”

Project Examples

  • Analyzing existing computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit capacity and location compared with projected loads and locations of the new carrier pods.
  • Providing engineering and documentation necessary for potential CRAC unit relocation.
  • Providing engineering necessary to construct conduit pathways for carrier-to-carrier connection between pods.
  • Providing engineering and documentation necessary for passive Internet Exchange Point (IXP) telecommunications optical fiber backbone connectivity between carrier pods.

Project Achievements

  • Designing systems and infrastructure to Uptime Institute’s Tier III Standards and Tier II Standards (one of 20 in the United States).
  • Designing systems to meet LEED certification requirements.
  • Data center structure designed to FEMA 361 standards to provide asset protection in the event of a tornado.

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