Jennifer Epstein


Jennifer played the violin and clarinet growing up before joining band and choir in high school. Her choir director first brought her attention to how different spaces affect sound and she began to realize that acoustics could combine her love of math and music. In college, she learned firsthand how distracting mismanaged sound can be when she took a physics course in a classroom with a constant, high-pitched sound – something she explored further in her master’s thesis about determining thresholds of annoyance to tones in noise.

Before becoming an acoustical designer, Jennifer spent time as a stay-at-home mom and working sales for acoustical products. As a stay-at-home mom, she learned the importance of balancing a schedule. This skill in particular helps her stay on top of multiple project deadlines. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s first job in the acoustical industry had her learning how to read blueprints and determine how much of each product was necessary for a particular space within the set budget. This experience made her realize that acoustical design was her true passion.

Maintaining a budget is difficult for any project and the value of well-designed acoustics can be difficult to explain. For this reason, Jennifer listens carefully to the needs and goals clients have for their spaces. She then draws on her previous experience to help provide recommendations that fit the owner’s budget.

“Acoustics are about more than hearing one person talk to another. You also have to consider how sound can affect focus and productivity.”

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