Scissortail Park
Scissortail Park 02

Scissortail Park

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

70 Acres

The 70-acre Scissortail Park/MAPS 3 Downtown Public Park is designed around connection between self, nature, and neighbors through various concerts, festivals, and activities. It extends from the core of downtown Oklahoma City to the shore of the Oklahoma River with the 380-foot-long Skydance Bridge over Interstate 40 to unify the north and south sections. Visitors are encouraged to stroll along the promenade and enjoy the ornamental gardens and woodlands featuring native prairie grasses, while children explore the playground and large interactive fountain.

Other amenities include: an indoor and outdoor café, enclosed dog park, seasonal outdoor activity areas, 240-foot bridge spanning the 3.7-acre lake with paddle boat and board rentals, 6-acre oval lawn with band shell, and picnic grove.


  • Designed fiber optic backbone cable infrastructure from the new MDF in the existing Union Station building to each remote building or required feature in the park.
  • Designed an equipment rack for each building to include space for infrastructure terminations, cable management, as well as Owner network electronics.
  • Provided information, including active port count, to the OKC Myriad Botanical Gardens IT staff to ensure measures, such as the amount of network switches, were designed appropriately.
  • Designed a video surveillance camera system for the park and associated buildings, including specified outdoor feature areas.
  • As the new space in the existing Union Station building was being designed, IP Design Group coordinated with the design team and Owner representatives to develop an area to serve as an equipment room and security command center.

Photography credit: Doug Hoke

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