Faith Bible Church
Faith Bible Church

Faith Bible Church

Edmond, Oklahoma

40,000 GSF

The goal of the Faith Bible Church addition was to provide increased space for the congregation during weekly worship and support an expansion of children’s services for nursery age through fifth grade. The expansion includes dedicated space for children to gather and learn together.


  • Designed the video presentation system, including projectors and screens for content display as well as distribution equipment for sharing and streaming of content.
  • Designed assistive listening system.
  • Developed acoustical criteria for the design of the building spaces, including Reverberation Time (RT), Speech Intelligibility (STI), and Noise Criterion (NC).
  • Calculated the acoustical parameters and evaluation of building materials.
  • Recommended acoustical treatment types, quantities, and locations.
  • Designed the sound reinforcement system to include type, location, and aiming of loudspeakers for acceptable sound coverage.
  • Designed vocal, instrument amplification, and audio recording and streaming capabilities.
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